LED Strip Lights
LED strip lights are low voltage flexible strips with an adhesive backing. Strip lighting can be cut to length. They are usually used for accent lighting, but our customers are always telling us about innovative and creative applications. Availble in various lengths, brighnesses, and colors; LED strips are extremely versitile. We have many accessoires availabe including, dimmers, fasteners, connectors, extenders, and more. Contact us for project advise.
Grow Lights and Aquarium Lights
Take indoor gardening to the next level with our LED grow lights. LED grow lights use narrow band color LED chips at different wavelenghts to encourage optimal growth with a fraction of the energy and heat of legacy technologies. The ability to tailor the spectrum by combining chips of different wavelengths allows us to make some incredible aquarium lights. Our PAR-style LED grow lights are assembled in the USA, which helps us to control both the quality and cost. Check out the product reviews on Amazon.
Power Supplies
LED chips use low voltage DC. Some LED products, such as light bulbs have a built in power supply or driver, while other products such as LED strip lights, puck lights, and low voltage flood lights require low voltage DC input. Power supplies are used to convert the AC power from the wall into the low volage DC. We have a wide selection of power supplies, including low power wall warts, medium power brick-style power supplies, high power weatherproof power supplies, and TRIAC dimmable power supplies that can be used with a standard wall dimmer. Contact us for help choosing the right power supply for your project.